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Our approach

At Visible Analytics, we seek to improve the use of evidence in decision-making with the goal of improving people’s health and quality of life. Our mission is to optimise the development and use of health technologies; and to help stakeholders better understand and harness the value of these technologies throughout their lifecycle.

Our approach is to closely work with our clients in developing and co-designing the best solutions. Each Director has a keen personal interest in hands-on HTA-related work, therefore at least one Director is closely involved, at each stage, of every project.

One of Visible Analytics’ strengths is ensuring that the most appropriate and individualised methodologies are used to tomorrow’s products. We pride ourselves on our expert insight and careful consideration before choosing to apply methods and processes to new products in development. We seek to include stakeholders throughout the whole process.

Expertise and experience

With over 190 years of accumulated HEOR and HTA experience amongst us, we can support products throughout the evidence generation and HTA processes. We liaise with fellow experts to find the optimum expertise and knowledge to address discrete and specific product challenges: for any question, we have the best team to connect data to decisions.

Effective communication

We look at each challenge from a clinical, commercial, and analytic perspective. We find that there is value in simplicity, and we look for straight forward solutions. When necessary, we apply sophisticated analysis, but we always present them in a clear and understandable way. We provide senior, experienced leadership throughout the project.

Scientific rigour & innovation

We are guided by professional and personal integrity and driven by intellectual curiosity. Learning is not a finite journey, we’re always open to explore new methods and approaches. We are always adding to our roster of over 400 peer-reviewed publications, 3 major textbooks, and 11 methods guidelines as we look for new solutions that provide better answers.


We work minutely and intimately with our clients, developing and co-designing the best solutions. We seek to include stakeholders throughout the whole process. Visible Analytics have garnered a wide fellowship of collaborators, from academia, industry and partner consultancies, with whom we maintain a continual dialogue.

Many decisions are taken during the development process around the commissioning and design of clinical trials, and the gathering and analysis of evidence throughout the products’ lifecycle. We believe that every decision should be underpinned by a continual assessment of how these activities will contribute to maximising the perceived value of a technology by all stakeholders, including patients, physicians, technology developers as well as payers, HTA agencies and commissioners. By keeping this goal in mind throughout the development process, we can optimise the potential value of investment in new technologies.

To do this, we draw on the following strategic insight and expertise:

An understanding of the decision-making processes and evidential requirements of a wide range of stakeholders including HTA agencies and clinicians

Experience of previous evaluations spanning in multiple therapeutic areas

In-depth technical expertise in decision-analytic modelling, evidence synthesis, and statistical analysis

A network of experts we have worked with over many years

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Determine the optimal target population and clinical positioning of a new technology

Develop compelling, evidence based, value narratives that will support market access and pricing discussions

Draft HTA dossiers and submissions and guide companies through the evaluation process

Provide bespoke training to equip you to meet future challenges

Together, we connect data to decisions.

Why all the bridges?

We have included images of bridges from our different office locations in our website.
These images represent what we do.

We build bridges from data to decisions, from providers to payers, from research to practice.