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Qian Xin, MSc

Health Economist and Data ScientistLondon, UK

Qian has experience in health economics consultancy and research. She has supported and managed multiple projects that constitute the full pipeline of HTA, including conceptualisation and development of economic models (cost‐effectiveness and budget impact models), and the writing of technical reports and submission documents for HTA bodies (e.g., NICE, SMC, and NCPE).

Qian is experienced across a range of clinical areas including oncology (e.g., non‐Hodgkin lymphoma, cervical cancer, and multiple myeloma), rare diseases, and chronic diseases (e.g., aSAH, T2DM, and hypertension). She is also experienced in conducting survival analysis, meta‑analysis, basic statistical analyses, and machine learning models (including Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, and Gradient Boosting Machine) in R and Stata.  She has the experience in using RWE databases in the UK, including the Clinical Practice Research Data‑link (CPRD) and the Hospital Episode Statistics (HES). Her main areas of interest are modelling and quantitative decision analysis.

Qian Holds an M.Sc. in Health Economics with distinction from University of York and did her internship at the University of Oxford as part of her master study.