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Our publications

At Visible Analytics, we foster a learning culture, support research initiatives and encourage personal development and professional growth. We pride ourselves on our ever-growing roster of publications disseminating cutting-edge methodologies and applications to a wide range of therapies.

Real World Evidence

Heggie, R., Chappell, F., Crawford, F., Martin, A., Gupta, S., Hawkins, N., Horne, M., Leese, G. P., & Lewsey, J. (2020). Complication rate among people with diabetes at low risk of foot ulceration in Fife, UK: an analysis of routinely collected data. Diabetic medicine: a journal of the British Diabetic Association, 37(12), 2116–2123.

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Teece, L., Gray, L. J., Melbourne, C., Orton, C., Ford, D. V., Martin, C. A., McAllister, D., Khunti, K., Tobin, M., John, C., Abrams, K. R., Pareek, M., & UK-REACH Study Collaborative Group (2021). United Kingdom Research study into Ethnicity And COVID-19 outcomes in Healthcare workers (UK-REACH): a retrospective cohort study using linked routinely collected data, study protocol. BMJ open, 11(6), e046392.

Strategic HTA support

Bouttell, J., Briggs, A., & Hawkins, N. (2020). A different animal? Identifying the features of health technology assessment for developers of medical technologies. International journal of technology assessment in health care, 1–7. Advance online publication.

Bouttell, J., Briggs, A., & Hawkins, N. (2021). The thorny issue of value alignment: how development-focused health technology assessment can help find win-win situations for patients and healthcare systems and commercial investors. International journal of technology assessment in health care, 37(1), e57.

Statistical Analysis

Hawkins, N., Muszbek, N., Evans, R., Dequen-O’Byrne, P., Jones, T., & McNamara, L. (2022). Adjusting for treatment crossover in the MAVORIC trial: survival in advanced mycosis fungoides and Sézary syndrome. Journal of comparative effectiveness research, 11(11), 805–813.

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Evans, R., Hawkins, N., Dequen-O’Byrne, P., McCrea, C., Muston, D., Gresty, C., Ghate, S. R., Fan, L., Hettle, R., Abrams, K. R., de Bono, J., Hussain, M., & Agarwal, N. (2021). Exploring the Impact of Treatment Switching on Overall Survival from the PROfound Study in Homologous Recombination Repair (HRR)-Mutated Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC). Targeted oncology, 16(5), 613–623.

Evidence Synthesis

Thompson, J. C., Mahajan, A., Scott, D. A., & Gairy, K. (2022). The Economic Burden of Lupus Nephritis: A Systematic Literature Review. Rheumatology and therapy, 9(1), 25–47.

Thompson, J. C., Chalet, F. X., Manalastas, E. J., Hawkins, N., Sarri, G., & Talbot, D. A. (2022). Economic and Humanistic Burden of Cerebral Vasospasm and Its Related Complications after Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Systematic Literature Review. Neurology and therapy, 11(2), 597–620.

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Papanikos, T., Thompson, J. R., Abrams, K. R., & Bujkiewicz, S. (2022). Use of copula to model within-study association in bivariate meta-analysis of binomial data at the aggregate level: A Bayesian approach and application to surrogate endpoint evaluation. Statistics in medicine, 41(25), 4961–4981.

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Economic Modelling

Muszbek, N., Remak, E., Evans, R., Brennan, V. K., Colaone, F., Shergill, S., Mullan, D., & Ross, P. J. (2021). Cost-utility analysis of selective internal radiation therapy with Y-90 resin microspheres in hepatocellular carcinoma. Future oncology (London, England), 17(9), 1055–1068.

Muszbek, N., Evans, R., Remak, E., Brennan, V. K., Colaone, F., Shergill, S., Ross, P., & Mullan, D. (2022). Changes in treatment pattern and costs in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Expert review of pharmacoeconomics & outcomes research, 22(1), 147–154.