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ISPOR Europe 2022
6-9 November

We enjoyed connecting with you all at ISPOR 2022, if you want to take another look at our poster presentations these are available to registered conference attendees in the ISPOR Europe 2022 Virtual Poster Gallery

Poster presentations

Accounting for Placebo Effects in NICE Technology Appraisals of Biologic Therapies; A Comprehensive Review and Future Recommendations

Sarri G, Palaka A, Sculpher M, Scott DA, Hawkins N.

Not available for download

The Use of Argumentation Based Synthesis to Interrogate Evidence to Support Treatment Decisions Reflecting Individual Preferences

Hawkins, N.

Not available for download

To Include an Error Once May Be Regarded As a Misfortune, to Include It Again Looks like Carelessness

Thompson JC, Manalastas EJ, Hombalti A, Scott DA.

Not available for download